Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation

But I see the many risks of poor integration

La Stampa 02.05.2023 Lucetta Scaraffia Translated by: Jpic-jp.org

The Italian Minister of Agriculture, referring to the demographic crisis affecting his country, said, stirring up controversy: “We cannot give in to the idea of ethnic substitution: Italians are having fewer children, so we are replacing them with someone else”. The idea of 'ethnic replacement' is not new, it is an unfortunate expression that runs through a certain imagination and reveals ignorance of history. However... The current waves of migration are 90% Islamic. What can happen if a percentage of a certain country’s inhabitants, being of the Islamic religion, claim the right to be judged and guided by Sharia law?

Once we get over our annoyance at [the Italian minister's] words, however, we must admit that they evoke a real problem. In fact, if the drop in the birth rate that has been a feature of Italy for years now continues, and which therefore necessitates the consequent recourse to emigration, the native Italians, let's call them that, are in real danger of disappearing or, in not too long a time, of becoming a minority in their own country. And that's fine: nothing wrong with that, we might even say. Nothing wrong that Italian is no longer spoken, that Dante or the Risorgimento are no longer taught at school. After all, throughout history our country has seen many waves of migration, not for the first time. And the results of these mixes have also been good, if not excellent.

But there is a problem that one prefers not to talk about, there is an argument that one would almost say is forbidden: with the exception of the Arab parenthesis in Sicily, exhausted and absorbed in the course of a couple of centuries before the year 1000, the invasions of the past have always been by Christian peoples. Even the first invaders - those we still call the barbarians - readily converted soon.

The current waves of immigration, on the other hand, are 90% Islamic. I have nothing against a religion as ancient and worthy of all respect as Islam, but we have to admit that it differs profoundly from Christianity in many aspects concerning its manifestation, its way of being in the sphere of social life. Beginning (or ending...) with secularisation, which Islam practically does not know and which instead has become an almost obligatory outcome in countries of Christian tradition.

It seems to me very difficult to dispute this: our morals, our culture and therefore our legal system have invariably sprung from a Christian stock, that is to say from something with characteristics that are very different from the sharia from the very beginning. The separation of church and state, of religious precepts and secular laws, the equality of women and men, the monogamous family with equal rights, freedom of thought, all stem from this common membership.

But what can happen tomorrow if a considerable percentage of our country's inhabitants, being of the Islamic religion, claim the right to be judged according to Sharia law? This is not a rhetorical question. It is already happening in some European countries that are very open to emigration, such as Great Britain or Sweden: where polygamy, child marriage, and the brutal forms of oppression often reserved for women in Islamic communities are gradually being allowed.

Reflecting on our future, we must also consider this prospect, and consequently begin to prepare a reception strategy that takes it into account. And perhaps - if it is still possible - even try to increase birth rates, why not? This is not a reactionary strategy, this is not a fascist type of identity attitude. To speak plainly, we have to realise that it does not make sense, for example, on the one hand to support all rights for LGBTQ+ and on the other hand to watch without reacting to the prospect of a future society in which through the influence of Islam homosexuality may be ostracised or worse. But can't a strong Muslim minority mean just that? [What if it becomes a majority?]

In short, we must strive to look a little further in the long run, not just wallow in indiscriminate welcome speeches, pretending that everything will be all right. From this point of view, the Italians and other Europeans who are voting for right-wing parties reveal they are more aware of and concerned by these problems than their intellectual elites, who, instead, continue to prefer to close their eyes. Shouldn't the left understand the lesson and perhaps make an effort to propose solutions that match the seriousness of the problem?

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By the way.

While not entirely agreeing with the content of the article, it is also worth mentioning a curiosity. According to the Euronews channel, Mohamed was the fourth most given male name in 2021 in all its variants as Muhammad in the European countries surveyed: EU member states, Norway, Switzerland and the English and Welsh nations. In 2017, the name was not even in the top ten. Pope John Paul II one day confided a disturbing vision of his: 'I see the Church afflicted by a plague deeper, more painful than those of this millennium. It is called Islamism. They will invade Europe: from Morocco to Libya to Egypt, and so on to the east. They will invade Europe, Europe will be a cellar, old heirlooms, shadows, cobwebs. Family memories. You, the Church of the third millennium, will have to contain the invasion. Not with weapons, weapons will not suffice, with your faith lived with integrity' (La visione di Giovanni Paolo II: «L'islam invaderà l'Europa»).

The French anthropologist Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, author of the book Le Frérisme et ses Réseaux (The Brotherhood and its Networks), in an interview with Le Figaro, speaks of the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy whose ultimate goal would be "nothing less than the advent of a worldwide Islamic society, of which Europe could be the epicentre". The tactic? Softly penetrate the spaces of culture and economy. Conquest through war is no longer possible, concealment, in a European society that reveres diversity and inclusiveness, is. “They do not reject violence on principle,” he continues, “they reject it when it is counterproductive to their purpose. When violence is perpetrated by jihadists, they condemn it with words”, but they go out of their way to block all reflection and political action to counter radicalism, resorting to the bogeyman of Islamophobia, and thus racism and discrimination. "Charitable organisations such as Islamic Relief have received tens of millions of euros from the European Commission. The Muslim youth network Femyso has received EUR 288,000 from the Commission. Within ENAR (European Network Against Racism), the Muslim Brotherhood imposes its definition of Islamophobia, its solutions and its agenda”. They use acceptance, tolerance and dialogue to advance their goal: to give an ever-positive, sweetened and perfect image of the Islamic religion and culture. Who dares to raise criticism and perplexity when faced with the construction of a mosque or the opening of an Islamic cultural centre?

Photo. Pakistan, il jihad tra i banchi di scuol

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The comments from our readers (3)

Bernard Farine 20.07.2023 Sur beaucoup d'aspects je le trouve extrêmement simpliste, proche des discours extrémistes français qui parlent du "grand remplacement" avec aucun recul historique ni projectif, comme si l'immigration était une irruption et non un processus progressif avec des phénomènes d'intégration plus ou moins variables selon les individus. Par exemple, des études montrent, au moins en France, que les processus de sécularisation touchent aussi une partie des musulmans avec le temps. Par ailleurs, l'identification des jeunes à la religion de leur origine est aussi liée au déclassement social qu'ils subissent dans les banlieues des grandes villes. Il faudrait aussi analyser de plus près ce qui se passe en Suède ou au Royaume Uni, ou encore en Allemagne. Même dans la note, Mme Florence Bergeaud-Blacker, que cite volontiers le Figaro parce qu'elle rejoint ses idées, a fait l'objet de vives critiques dans d'autres publications, dont Le Monde, par sa vision englobante du "frérisme" et par son renvoi dans le camp de l'islamo-gauchisme de tous les chercheurs qui ne pensent pas comme elle. Même sa méthodologie scientifique est contestée. Je suis d'accord que c'est une préoccupation de beaucoup et une crainte largement attisée par les partis de droite et d'extrême droite dans tous les pays. D'où la nécessité de proposer des analyses plus nuancées et argumentées plutôt que de jouer sur la peur des gens.
Paul Attard 20.07.2023 “But I see…..” is very interesting. In fact I have printed it to save it in my collection of articles under “religion”!!!!! It’s very true what John Paul II said. Islam is all powerful. It doesn’t give way to other faiths, except classifying them as “dhimmies” (2nd classs). And of course it doesn’t allow apostasy.
Margareth Henderson 23.08.2023 I was most involved, however, by the 8th item, about more and more Muslims moving into previously almost mono cultural Christian countries. Scotland is certainly one of these countries as her own population is falling, with ever fewer children being born. As you can imagine, through my role at the night shelter, I did come up against hostility from people who were angry at foreigners, especially Muslims, being given support. I want to tell you, however, about a little incident there. There was one particular Afghani staying in our night shelter who was a real loner. He had an enormously shaggy beard, traditional Afghani clothes and he looked miserable. Each night he prayed in the communal sleeping area for many hours in a very anguished, disruptive manner, often waking other men. I thought hard about how to calm him down and came up with the idea that I would give him regular lessons in reading in English as he already had a reasonable grasp of the oral language but could not read or write. To my surprise, he was biddable and even keen to learn, and he very quickly became calmer and slept better. Then one evening he thanked me for the hospitality of the last few months but told me he would be leaving the following morning as he has won his case for Leave to Remain. He went on to tell about about an incident earlier that day. He had attended Glasgow Central Mosque where a very important mullah was visiting. The mullah made a speech and everyone listened very quietly. Then the visitor said, “The only good people in Glasgow are Muslims.” At that, our very shy, awkward Afghani rose to his feet and said, “That is not right! The best people in Glasgow are the volunteers at Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers!” He was NOT thrown out - and there was a follow up. Days later we had a visit from a group of the Central Mosque worshippers and from then on they delivered a hot meal to the night shelter once a week. Even now, many years later, some of that group are still friendly with some of the night shelter volunteers of that time. Little incidents like that are so worthwhile, aren’t they!