Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation

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What is this blog about?

What is this blog about?   It’s about Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation speaks to the daunting reality that we face in this poor, battered, wounded world. Poverty and starvation, sectarian violence, environmental degradation, global warming, the looming wars over water, the current violence in the name of oil, the battles over land and food, all these call us to change.

The crisis is real, but the first and last word is hope: we hope that there are things worth living for, things that give, bring and sustain life – love, reconciliation, compassion, justice, peace, solidarity and healing. We have indeed crafted a world that is at risk: heeding the Jesus’ message we can turn and live a different way: instead of culturing violence, to culture peace.

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William Shakespeare said, The only thing that has no answer is death. Jesus, a marginal and marginalised Jew, showed us that even death has an answer in the Passover, for it is the Lord's [...]

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