Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation

The masters of the planet

02.04.2016 Francesco Gesualdi Translated by: jpic-jp.org There is no decision governments and institutions can take that they would not like. And to agree on orders that shall be given to politicians, they gather in Davos and in the secret rooms of the Bilderberg Club.

We speak of the first two hundred multinationals that New Model Development browses in its Top 200 edition of 2015 recently published (see here).

According to the United Nations, all multinational groups amount to 82,000 for a total of 810,000 branches, which employ a total of 124 million people, have a turnover of 42 thousand billion dollars and contributing to 14% of gross world product. However, multinationals are like mammals, a group of animals which, although united by the fact of having uterus and breasts, rang from small size such as mice, to tons giants like elephants.

Similarly, there are multinationals ranging from insignificancy such as Chicco Artsana – a small group headquartered in Italy having a handful of branches scattered between Spain and Hong Kong -, to a behemoth like Shell, with 1,700 companies located in five continents and headquarter located in England.

Not coincidentally the top 500 multinationals alone contribute to 75% of the transnational groups revenue with the first 200 (0.02% of the total) who even cover its 49%.

In some cases their revenue is higher than what entire countries produce. If we were to write off a list of the top 100 world economies, including the countries according to their gross domestic product, and business corporations according to their revenue, we would find that 44 are multinationals. The first appearing in 27th place is Walmart, a powerful trade chain, with sales exceeding the gross domestic product of Austria.

For their huge production and trade capacity, now no country has a sufficient number of consumers to absorb the products of the multinationals. For this reason, they needed to turn the whole world into one big market, within which they can move anywhere to place their products without obstacles. Their thirst for growth is unlimited; and not happy with the achievements of globalization driven by the World Trade Organization (WTO), they try to cross new frontiers through bilateral treaties such as the T-tip, the secret agreement treaty between the United States and European Union; the aim is to build a large shopping area free of customs barriers, with common bearish laws on agriculture, environment, health, social matter, with the possibility for any enterprise to manage public services across the Atlantic.

But the Treaty’s main dish is the mechanism that allows companies to claim compensation whenever the states should act against their interests. Therefore, we see a world build turned upside down, where the general interest is subject to the profit of a few. This nevertheless is not an inescapable destiny.

Actually, what is imposed by force can be arrested and changed through resistance. Knowing that the greatest allies of power are ignorance and apathy, the first thing to do is to shake off the misinformation, which sidetracks us, and the sense of helplessness that paralyzes us. Let’s try to learn more about the giants that are taking over the world. Knowing them, we may find that they are not as strong as they try to make us believe.

Source: http://comune-info.net/2015/10/multinazionali-se-le-conosci-le-domini/


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