Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation

What does it mean, "I want the moon"

Volere la luna 30.03.2018 Tomaso Montanari Translated by: Jpic-jp.org

Wanting the moon is to understand that the world is not divided into national and foreigners. But into "dispossessed and oppressed on the one hand, the privileged and oppressors on the other". Wanting the moon means affirming, with facts, that "some are my home landers, others my foreigners" (Don Lorenzo Milani).

Wanting the moon means to believe again, and ever more, that it is "the Republic’s task to remove the economic and social obstacles which, limiting the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent the human person’s full development and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organization of the country" (Constitution of the Italian Republic, art. 3). Wanting the moon is to remember that all and every one of us are the Republic and, therefore, it is up to all of us to roll up our sleeves.

Wanting the moon means thinking that solidarity is a political matter, making peace is doing politics, searching for gender equality is a political affair.

Wanting the moon is thinking that politics serves to improve everyone's life, not just of those who make it.

Wanting the moon means wanting and building a different world, where we look for the sense this world has lost. Because "other rivers, other lakes, other countryside / are up there, which are not yet here among us / Other plains, other valleys, other mountains" (Ludovico Ariosto). Wanting the moon means thinking that the rivers, lakes, countryside, plains, valleys and mountains of this world are our common good. Which we should not destroy with useless Great Projects: because instead we want to pass them on to those who would want the moon tomorrow.

Wanting the moon means fighting and defeating all fascism: the old one that never died; the new one that is returning; and the one that wants to take over the government.

Wanting the moon, and not resigning ourselves, when they do not give it to us. Like our fathers who as children asked their fathers for the moon. They did not stop wanting it throughout their long life.

Wanting the moon is, building a democracy that cannot be reduced to an oligarchy or a plebiscite. A democracy that does not save itself by marginalizing dissent and rigging the cards in the name of governability, but which is saved with more democracy, more representation, more participation.

Wanting the moon, the real one. Not all the false moons that are so often sold to us. "Stupid, we will fill you with trinkets immediately / In exchange for your status as a free ‘subject’ / No! Please / It is an inappropriate proposal / Keep the earth for you, man / I want the moon / I am not black / I am not white / I am not an asset / I am not tired / I am not from any country / I, yes, I am from the moon" (Caparezza).

Wanting the moon. The one where "all citizens will feel the nation presidium in the school" (Concetto Marchesi). A nation built on culture: and therefore open to all those who come in peace. So that, when they come, they will improve it. So that "justice will flourish and peace will abound, until the moon is extinguished" (Psalm 71).

Wanting the moon, it is in order to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. Because it is "a beautiful thing, and admirably pleasant, to see the body of the Moon: with certain and sensible experience, anyone can understand that the Moon is not covered with a smooth and even surface, but rough and uneven one, and, just like the face of the Earth, full of great protrusions, deep cavities and ravines” (Galileo). Looking at the moon does not therefore mean dreaming for a perfect earth, but learning to govern it, to make it "less rough and less uneven".

Wanting the moon means proposing what may seem impossible to many, but which should actually be normal: radically changing one's way of being, thinking, acting, cooperating and aggregating, keeping firm the reference values ​​of a radical solidarity. The world has changed; it is time to change ourselves. It is our way of being together. Starting with three primary objectives: to fight against inequalities, to promote but above all to practice forms of solidarity participation, to favor the rebirth of free and critical thinking. That implies not to limit oneself to proclaiming one's values, but to practice them concretely, with daily positive actions, creating opportunities for proximity, even limited spaces for relationships, open and critical communication tools" (Statute of «Volere la luna»).

Wanting the moon, therefore, means changing ourselves to change our cities; change our nation to change Europe and the world. With time, it will take: without shortcuts, charismatic leaders or impromptu parties.

"Maybe if I had wings / To fly above the clouds, / And to number the stars one by one, / Or like thunder wandering from yoke to yoke, / Happier I would be, my sweet flock, / Happier I would be, white moon" (Giacomo Leopardi).

Wanting the moon is building these wings. All together.

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