Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation
Justice, Peace, Integrity<br /> of Creation

What is sensible today may be madness tomorrow

Newark 26.08.2020 Jpic-jp.org Translated by: Jpic-jp.org

I remembered this proverb while reading an article about the myriads of monkeys who stormed a city in Thailand. Suddenly such as in a crystal ball, passed in front of my mind so many past and present decisions that were considered wise at one moment but turned out to be a disaster later on.

All decisions taken under ideological influence, motivated by political biases or partiality, aiming at immediate or short time financial gain, guided by a political correctness, manipulating the statistic figures or scientific opinions to draw water from its own well, in a faraway or nearby future, will bring its heavy consequences. Even the good approaches, like those promoted by ecology, addressing climate change, and abnormal animalist inspiration when they become exclusive ideologies are unpredictable in their outcomes.  Society has to be inspired by a set of shared values: those coming as inheritance from the past, those lived as inclusive community in the present, those so strong that can really pave the future.

Look at the result of a sort of monkeys cult. While the effect of Covid19 and the lockdown had had dire consequences on people - depression, anguish, anger, misery -, in Lopburi, a Thai city Lopburi, a Thailand city, it was the monkeys that went crazy. The city is famous for the Monkey Buffet Festival, an event that attracts thousands of tourists. A gigantic banquet is set up for the little macaques with fruit, Thai delicacies, candies, biscuits and junk food from the local fast food restaurants. The festival produced two results. "Thai tourists come to Lopburi all year round to see and feed the monkeys. Macaques have become addicted to industrial food and its high sugar content and are insofar unable to find food in the forest, as nature would like." With Covid and the lockdown, tourists have disappeared, while monkeys have doubled. Result. The monkeys have taken over the city and the city has become a battleground between monkeys' gangs for a few bananas. The hungry monkeys, more than 6000 according to the police, have become increasingly aggressive, have invaded and barricaded themselves in the premises of an abandoned cinema, attack food shops, unleash bloody scuffles that end with cannibalistic scenes and attack increasingly the terrified inhabitants.

What about political biases or partiality? Don’t blame it all on racism. During the financial crash Obama sided with the bankers, not people losing their homes – making Trump’s victory possible, wrote a black journalist Gary Younge in The Gardian three years ago.

Daniel Wirls, on The Conversation, it was December 13, 2017 remembered, "On Nov. 21, 2013 the Senate, under Democratic control, decided by a 52-48 vote that the 'vote on cloture under Rule XXII for all nominations other than for the Supreme Court of the United States is by majority vote.' These few and perhaps obscure words embodied the most important change in Senate standing rules – or, to be precise, in their interpretation – since at least 1975. Just over three years later, on April 6, 2017, the Senate, under GOP control and with exclusively Republican support, voted by the same margin to apply the same interpretation to nominations to the Supreme Court." The immediate sensible result becomes often a nightmare for Democrats.

 "It has been 34 years since the People's Republic of China introduced their one-child policy, a population control measure". The Chinese government proclaimed it as a tremendous success. However, the rule brought about "a slew of unforeseen problems, ranging from widespread female infanticide to alleged personality deficits." China is about to confront the 300 million youth missing on the labor market, 400 million elderly becoming a heavy social burden, an unhealthy 115 males for 100 female provoking social disrupt and bringing people to rapt and trafficking the women and girls of nearby countries for marriage.

"That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history" (Aldous Huxley), and we see society - or better people presuming of being masters of society - taking decisions without thinking on the future.

“Young kids grow up singing the most salacious lyrics, gyrating sexually as they mouth the words, being exposed to filth long before they can even understand it. And kids as young as 8 are regularly encountering porn,” (Outrage for the Children, by Michael Brown). “Adults in the grip of sexual delusion are encouraging children to join them. They are subjecting the children to irreversible mutilation of the body, castrating little boys and performing mastectomies on teenage girls, to live a fantasy, a pretense. For there are well over six thousand physical differences between males and females, and all the surgeries can do is to mimic some appearance of the opposite sex” (Sexual Insanity Begins With Language, by Anthony Esolen). No word is said about what these children and little girls will think and feel in the future after such experiences.

The news and statistics manipulation make us spectators of many conspiracy theories. The CoVid-19 virus is a cull of the human population by the elites. CoVid-19 was engineered to kill old men and save money. Aliens created the virus or the Chinese. They are going to force everyone to take the upcoming vaccine to either sterilize us or to tag all of us. The whole thing was orchestrated to introduce the New World Order. Mother Nature is out to get us.

Mother Nature is neither our friend nor our enemy when we live in balance with the planet. However, as a popular saying states, God always forgives, Life seldom does and at a great expense.

There is also a political conspiracy theory: they are trying to bring down Trump releasing CoVid-19 to cause so many deaths that will cause him to lose the electionEven mathematics are biased: not mentioning the real proportional number with the global population the news become fake.

Here the figures: Belgium with only 9,996 deaths has them at 875.15 per million being the most deadly country, followed by Peru with 27,813 deaths, 869.45 per million. United Kingdom 41,433 deaths, 623.16 per million; Spain 28,872 deaths, 617.93 per million;  Italy 35,441 deaths, per 586.47 per million; Chile 10,916 deaths, 582.83 per million; Sweden 5,813 deaths, 570.84 per million; Brazil 115,309 deaths, 550.48 per million; United States 176,869 deaths, 540.61 per million;  Mexico 60,800 deaths, 481.81per million; Panama 1,906 deaths, 456.32 per million; France 30,411 deaths, 453.98 per million. So, the US is on the 9th place far from Belgium in suffering deaths by Covid 19.

What is sensible today may be madness tomorrow, because acting aside or against the reality, it is

the chameleonic policy that is dominating social life. The chameleon transformism ("I am as you want me") is brilliantly described in a film by Woody Allen, entitled Zelig. The starring figure transforms himself according to whom he frequents and meets, so the people would not consider him a different one and accept it.

Roberto Gervaso would say The ideological person is a sheep, which to feel like a lion becomes a chameleon. But, when the chameleon is in power, it changes color according to the environment (Stanisław Jerzy Lec).

Typically, people fall into one of these three groups: the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen, and the vast majority who have no idea what is going on. Each person is either a creator of facts or a creature of circumstances. Either it gives color to its environment or, like a chameleon, it takes color from its environment (Myles Munroe). However, in the faraway or in the nearby future what once seemed sensible it appears to be really madness.

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Margaret Sweeney 11.09.2020 This article was very thought-provoking. I was especially struck by the comparison of coronavirus death rates which showed Belgium to have the worst death rate and the USA not to be so near the top of the list as I had imagined.
Martin Herrera 16.09.2020 Detrás está el ansia de poder, de dinero y de "ser" reconocido. La ceguera llega al límite de no "reconocer" al otro y darle muerte.