Giustizia, Pace, Integrità del Creato
Giustizia, Pace, Integrità del Creato
Giustizia, Pace, Integrità<br /> del Creato
Giustizia, Pace, Integrità del Creato
Giustizia, Pace, Integrità del Creato
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42-. FIAN International


This website is published in English, Spanish and French. Unfortunately, the three versions do not always match, but give priority to the topics concerning each of the three languages. Beside this limitation, this website is full of news and tools for counteracting Land Grabbing, social issues and human rights news. An archive provides the previous publications. FIAN International web site is specialized in land, agricultural and human rights connected to land. They also treat thematic related to hunger and they also support people that are starving. The authors are relevant and they have a high specialization on the topics. Therefore, and also from our experience, we consider the website trustworthy (Andrea Lanari)

Self-presentation can be found at FIAN International web site, section FIAN International.

About us

Hunger and malnutrition are nothing new and are a consequence of injustice and discrimination. Today they affect more than 3.9 billion people. That is half of the global population.

Food production and consumption are increasingly dictated by big industry, with many governments turning a blind eye. As a result, profit is being prioritized over our own human rights and nature.

It is this, together with the uneven distribution of land and natural resources, ecological destruction, sexism and racism – to mention just a few – that explains why so many people face hunger and malnutrition.

However, we believe that they are fully preventable.

Since it was founded in 1986, FIAN International has been advocating for the right to food and nutrition. We support grassroots communities and movements in their struggles against right to food violations. Through our national sections and networks, we work in over 50 countries around the world. 

To explain who we are in a nutshell:

  • We expose the social injustice behind our food systems, from growing and harvesting to procurement. The issue is not only what you eat, but how it is produced.
  • We struggle for an egalitarian distribution of resources, so people can feed themselves. We do not provide food.
  • We fight for fair access to food. We do not promote the increase of food production: There is already enough food to feed the entire world.
  • We work with a wide network of social movements and civil society actors around the world. We do not go solo.
  • Affected communities tell us what the problem is and we bring their voices to policy spaces. We do not speak for them. They know best!
  • We see food as something more than to keep us alive. We see food as part of our own identity and cultural legacy.
  • We encourage the mobilization and organization of people who want to change the world.